Car theftCHICAGO – To address rising vehicle and parts thefts in Illinois, State Senator Ram Villivalam supported three measures to protect drivers that were signed into law last week.

“Protecting commuters from theft and carjacking is a top priority,” said Villivalam (D-Chicago), chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. “As these crimes increase in number and organization, we must do all we can to reduce the market for stolen parts and provide support to victims.”

To protect victims of vehicle thefts and carjackings, House Bill 3772 safeguards vehicle owners from liability for any violations during the period in which the motor vehicle was stolen or hijacked. The measure also allows victims to seek reimbursement for towing and storage fees up to $1,000.

House Bill 107 will crack down on the sale of stolen catalytic converters by classifying them as a recyclable metal, therefore subjecting the sale of catalytic converters to thorough record keeping that includes the license plate number of the vehicle, verified name and address of the seller, and a signed declaration that the part was not stolen. The new law also prevents recyclable metal dealers from purchasing catalytic converters valued at over $100 with cash, further eliminating the market for these stolen parts.

House Bill 601 addresses new and sophisticated technology used by car thieves that can replicate the signal from a vehicle’s key fob and be used to start a vehicle remotely. The new law adds possession of this technology to the legal definition of possession of burglary tools, allowing law enforcement to take action on organized vehicle thefts.

All three measures were signed by the governor. House Bills 107 and 3772 are effective immediately, and House Bill 601 is effective Jan. 1, 2023.

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