Standard road signs, digital flashing arrows  and traffic cones direct all traffic into the left lane on a road construction site.SPRINGFIELD – Thanks to a law passed by State Senator Ram Villivalam, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, the Illinois Department of Transportation announced today the implementation of their Multi Year Plan – a six-year plan to rebuild Illinois’ infrastructure using new, equity-based metrics.

"With this investment, Illinois is working toward its commitment to delivering equitable, data-driven solutions to our transportation and infrastructure needs," said Villivalam (D-Chicago). "Coupled with federal funding, we will improve our infrastructure to ensure safety, accessibility, and responsible economic and environmental impact."

The six-year plan will include $34.6 billion in state and federal funds, with nearly $3 billion dedicated to new projects. For the first time, under the law passed by Senator Villivalam, road projects were evaluated by metrics that include impacts on economic development, livability for those in the community where a project is underway, environmental impact, accessibility, and increased benefits and reduced harms to underserved communities.