NEIUCHICAGO – Northeastern Illinois University and North Park University are set to receive more than $800,000 for academic and social-emotional learning support through a grant provided by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

“Student mental health is one of the top priorities for institutions of higher learning in Illinois,” said State Senator Ram Villivalam (D-Chicago), who represented NEIU and North Park University. “Our local universities will be able to use this new funding to enhance mental health services and build a more equitable learning space.”

This is the second round of GEER grants to Illinois institutions of higher education to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic. More than $10.5 million in grants have been distributed to 21 universities in the state, both public and private institutions. Northeastern Illinois University was awarded $700,856 and North Park University was awarded $115,697.

These funds will help institutions better support students in their journey toward degree completion by improving the accessibility of academic advising and counseling resources and enhancing the quality of learning through digital tools and educator professional development. Grant funds will also help institutions invest in infrastructure for mental health and wellness by addressing gaps in mental health services on campus and improving the availability of counseling services.

For more information about the second round of GEER grants and to see a complete list of grant recipients, visit IBHE’s website.