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CHICAGO – This past week, State Senator Ram Villivalam was appointed to the Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee by the National Conference of State Legislatures to serve as one of the voices for Illinois on policy ideas and new legislative solutions.

“I am excited to work with legislators from across the country to tackle the challenges most pressing to our state,” said Villivalam (D-Chicago). “Working this closely with legislators from other states helps add perspectives to the challenges we are facing at home. I am honored to be appointed to this position.”

NCSL Standing Committees are composed of state legislators and legislative staff appointed by the leadership of their legislatures. The committees allow legislators and staff to benefit from the experiences of other states in shaping public policy, sharing best practices and managing the legislative institution.

The Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee serves as the voice of states on agriculture, energy, environment and transportation policies before the federal governments. NCSL committees work together to develop NCSL’s state and federal policy positions, and members identify topics for the committee to explore and may serve as speakers or moderators for committee programs.

“I look forward to working with state legislators from Idaho, Hawaii, Indiana, and more as we work to tackle and find solutions to our natural resource and infrastructure challenges,” Villivalam said. “I thank the NCSL for appointing me to this position and look forward to representing my constituents and our state when working with colleagues from other states.”

NCSL serves as the voice of state legislatures in Washington, D.C., working to protect state sovereignty and flexibility, fight against unfunded mandates and oppose unwarranted federal pre-emption of state authority. NCSL is a respected, effective and influential advocate for the states.

More information about NCSL is available here.